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The cover art for "Bubble Bath Babes".

"Bubble Bath Babes" was the first pornographic game churned out by the adult video game company, Panesian. Following it were two other games, called "Hot Slots" and "Pikaboo Poker". These games aren't worth much of a mention, but, BBB certainly is.


This game was the first game created by Panesian, an adult video game company that now creates computer monitors. Throughout the rise and fall of Panesian, we've seen a LOT of 8-bit titties, but this game is the most memorable. If you wanted to purchase this game for your NES, you'd have to get a clerk to get it from behind the counter. Some stores didn't even sell the game, as they feared it would affect profit.

The only reason games like this could get past Nintendo is because of one reason: Little to no rating systems. In Nintendo Power, Nintendo would put warnings to parents of these games, and that they are not licensed, and could even harm your NES. Although, this is not true, as the only things these games will harm is the player's sanity.

Gameplay and ControlEdit

When it comes to games like Bubble Bath Babes, there isn't much to say gameplay wise. It's a lot like tetris, in the gameplay and in the appearance. Although, BBB has one thing Tetris doesn't.. 8-bit erotica.

Control-Wise, BBB has something going for it. The control is almost flawless. It's very easy to move the pieces about, and get high scores.