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Little Red Hood is part of a trio of games created by HES, a pirate company in Taiwan. Although programmed (I use the term loosely) by Sachen, the game was marketed by HES.

The game itself is loosely based off the Fairy Tale Little Red Riding Hood, but, it makes no reference to the Tale itself, aside from the main character being Red Riding Hood. Behind the complete and udder strangeness of this game, lies a dark secret, hidden from NES collectors and pirated game fanatics alike: Panesian had involvement with this game. Although, this really IS puzzling. If Panesian was involved, everyone would have expected Red Riding Hood to have large, cartoony breasts.

First seen at discount stores by some collectors, this game has been heralded as the 2nd worst game in history, only loosing to Somari, which was ALSO on the NES.

Gameplay, Control, and overall factsEdit

This game is VERY frustrating. It has been mentioned on many NES fansites, such as AtariHQ, and NESPlayer. One of the frustration factors has to do with the random nature of the game: everything happens at random. It gets to be so bad at times, it makes the game virtually unplayable. Because of it's random nature, any stage can take from 5 Minutes to an hour.

Each level is about the size of two screens, with trees spread around everywhere. These trees must be kicked in order to get fruit, which is required for the Key to appear. Once you have the Key, you must wait even longer for the staircase to the next level to appear. Trying to stay alive during this time is nearly impossible.

Because the cover art shows you kicking an enemy, you expect to be able to. But, no. You can't. Also, there are no on-screen indicators of your health, lives left, or if the stage has a time limit. (Which I doubt stages do, as this would be cruel and unfair.)

The control in this game is AWFUL. It makes you feel as if your D-Pad is broken, because the character has such eratic movements, and never stays in one place. The character sometimes walks in place, or gets stuck. This can lead to your defeat, and a gameover.