The Cart for Merio Brother. It's an NES cart, but, it has an "attachment" that goes on the bottom of the cart, allowing it to fit into a GBC slot.

There are SO many pirated Mario games out there, it would be impossible to do articles on them all. So, I decided to start with the first one: Merio Brother on the Game Boy Color. Merio Brother was pretty much a hack of "Super Mario Land", but worsened due to sloppy control, and oddly placed pitfalls. If you've beaten Super Mario Land, and believe you can beat this game just because of memory, forget it. It's a hack, but, it's more than that. The pirates fucked around with the levels, and wrecked the game.


Merio Brother is a strange game. It's hard to put into words, as it is so very strange. First of all, only every second level is in color. Every first level remained in B&W. The enemies don't even resemble the enemies of Super Mario Land, nor any Mario game, for that fact. Goombas are replaced by large snakes, and Koopas are replaced with grizzle bears.. Also, there is no Princess, Just a rock. That's right. Mario is trying to save a rock. The game is very unappealing. The sound effects hurt your ears, especially when you have headphones in. Everything is just corrupt, and messed up beyond repair.

Gameplay and ControlEdit

The pirates butchered both the gameplay and control. It's so horrible, there's no way they could have unintentionally wrecked it. They went out of their way to hack away at it, and make their hack virtually unplayable.

The gamplay is VERY unfair, as you get killed in one hit, even if you have a super mushroom. If you fall, despite the number of lives you have, you get a game over. This is NOT fun at all. Also, the snakes, which are supposed to be Goombas jump around. Yes. They jump. Almost in the eratic fasion that a Koopa Paratroopa flies in Super Mario Bros 3. This makes it very easy to die, and very easy to toss your GBC across the room, and yell "FUCK THIS"! At the top of your lungs.

The control in this game is quite sloppy. If you compare it to the original Super Mario Land on the Gameboy, it's horrible. Mari- Err.. Merio slides all over the place, and you can't do shit about it. It makes you think your control pad is broken, but it's actually the game itself that's broken. Also, the game lacks a pause feature. So, if you have to use the bathroom/talk to someone, you'd better bring it with you.