The title Screen of "Pokemon Golden", one of the many Pocket-Monster hacks for the NES.

When the term "Pokemon" comes to mind, what first appears in your head? A gameboy, right? Not here. In the world of Piracy, Pokemon exists on the NES.

These "games" were pretty much hacks of other games, like Tom & Jerry, and "Monster in my Pocket". The only difference being the main sprite is replaced with a poorly-drawn Pokemon character.


These games aren't very interesting, as their simple hacks. Unlike Merio Brother, nothing is changed, except the sprite you play as. Also, the sprite you play as is rather pathetic, and poorly drawn. Most of the time, these sprits don't look like anything Pokemon-related, or are colored wrong.

Gameplay and ControlEdit

Everything about the Pocket Monsters NES games are unchanged from the games they were hacked from. IE if those games had bad control/gameplay, the hacks would also have the same gamplay/control issues.