Somari's three different carts. As you can see, they are all deformed, and work in both the Famicom and the NES.

At first, video game experts believed emulating a 16-bit game on an 8-bit console was impossible. But, the pirate company commonly referred to as the "Somari Team" managed to pull it off. To add onto this pirate's breakthrough in technology, it did something completely unheard of at the time: it combined Mario and Sonic. Not in the sense that both characters were in the same game, but, in the sense that the Sonic sprite was replaced with a Mario sprite.


Somari is a very unique pirate. It's a 16-bit game emulated on an 8-bit system, which until Somari hit the black market, was thought to be an unaccomplishable feat. Although it DOES emulate 16-bit, it does a rather shitty job at it.

Gameplay and ControlEdit

The gameplay in Somari is very choppy, and the graphics hurt your eyes. It's Sonic the Hedgehog, yes, but, it's graphics are distorted. Although, this can kind of be expected, as 16-bit games aren't supposed to run on 8-bit systems.

The control in Somari is downright awful, and it's unplayable. You always end up dying. Also, if you collect 80 rings, you get no extra life. Which is even harder, as you're stuck with the 3 or 4 lives the game starts you off with.