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The cover art for Super Noah's Ark 3D.

When it comes to the SNES, piracy is pretty much unheard of, because of it's advanced "lock-out" chip, which prohibits games without the Nintendo offical seal of approval to be played. But, one game found a way to get past this.. Super Noah's Ark 3D.


According to legend, ID, the company that produced both Doom and Wolfenstein 3D were angry at Nintendo, because the SNES version of Wolfenstein 3D was inferior to the PC version, because the blood/gore was taken out. As either a crude joke, or something, ID handed the source code over to a company called "Wisdom Tree". Wisdom Tree is nitorious for creating god-awful Christian-Themed games on both the NES and Sega Genesis. Now, handing over Wolfenstein 3D's source code to a company like that is just asking for disaster. And, that's exactly what came out of this. Disaster. Super Noah's Ark 3D is a mess.

Gameplay and controlEdit

The Gamplay of Super Noah's Ark 3D is so bad, it's laughable. Everything in the game is "toned down", and make almost kid-friendly. Your gun has been replaced with a slingshot, bullets with food, and Nazis with goats. Yup. Just goats. Well, for the first level, anyways. The rest of the game is pretty much the same, with the exception of the walls being colored black, to make them look more like a wooden interior. The control in the game isn't half bad. It's playable.