The "Power Player", an illegal ROM device, which can play both NES and SNES Roms, with 100 games built-in.

Welcome to The Pirate Wiki!

hello Thar. This wiki will focus on gaming's most dark and violent shadow: Pirated Games.

The articles will pretty much focus on Piracy on the NES, GB and the SNES: VG Piracy's most glorious days.

NOTE: Some articles will NOT have a "history" section, as some pirated games don't have much history behind them, or, the programmer/creator has yet to be known.

Video Game Piracy

In the world of Video Games, it's not all legal fun and games. There are those who rebel against the biggies in the Video Game business. This wiki is going to pay tribute to the many pirate Video Game companies and their corrupted creators around the world.

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